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Document referenced -- Brislen, P. (2019, March 25). Christchurch mosque attacks: How to regulate social media. Retrieved March 25, 2019, from Radio New Zealand website:

The views that I express are my own and most certainly do not represent those of my current employer of record let alone any companies I may be affiliated with either through equity ownership stakes or other connections. This is not to be considered a definitive expression of any positions I may take in equity markets.

I encourage reading the most recent opinion piece by Paul Brislen. In light of the recent incident in Christchurch, a wide variety of suggestions were made by that particular tech commentator about how to regulate social media. For so long as there are acronyms like GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple) & FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google), we have the distinct problem of private companies rooted in the United States of America controlling significant portions of Internet infrastructure.

Five distinct proposals were put forward in the piece as to bringing tech companies to heel. One part of the Christchurch shooting incident that shocked many was that it was broadcast on Facebook Live. The best summaries I could make of the proposals were:

  • Remove the safe harbor under NZ's Harmful Digital Communications Act relative to user generated content. A similar one is Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 in the USA.
  • Institute New Zealand-based content monitoring by New Zealanders against standards rather than having monitoring in the USA to cover content for the world.
  • Live video feeds to be moderated and reviewed with humans able to kill feeds without notice.
  • Imposition potentially of personal liability to senior leaders of companies when an incident occurs
  • Impose taxes on turnover on revenue generated domestically in New Zealand

Now, there are many problems with this. Mr. Brislen noted in the piece that hopefully New Zealand wouldn’t have to act unilaterally lest the relevant companies pack up to set up shop elsewhere. It seems that there is a push for New Zealand to lead in creating a multilateral regime to regulate and tax US-based Internet companies.

It must be remembered that these are private enterprises. They’re not public utilities. The services they provide involve two parties to make it work. When a company, often based in California, hears from a nation-state that has a population less than half the size of the population of Los Angeles County in California questions get raised about the new barriers to operation raised.

As it stands now, multiple websites in the United States have begun geoblocking European users because they’ve gotten to the point that operators simply cannot figure out GDPR to be able to comply with it. In terms of cost benefits analysis, many domestic-focused websites block EU-based users because the cost to comply with GDPR exceeds the potential revenue from serving that user. Many news sites in the USA have gotten to that point and it frustrates me trying to share news stories in the Ubuntu Podcast channel on Telegram.

For all those measures proposed in that referenced opinion piece, rather significant costs would be incurred to continue doing business in a relatively small market. It is not a valid assumption that Facebook or any other US-based tech company will choose to always do business in New Zealand or anywhere else for that matter. If the cost benefits analysis comes out to it being far cheaper to just abandon that market and block all users from that country, what might a company do? Regulatory Complexity and Regulatory Uncertainty are still valid concepts that drive business decision-making especially if compliance would make your business too difficult to continue to operate.

I don’t claim to know how this would turn out. In a world where Internet equates to GAFA/FAANG you have a very limited concept of Internet. Rather than folks coming from around the world to Silicon Valley to innovate, why haven’t we seen development like the prior UK government concept of the “Silicon Roundabout”? But for access to working capital why are the only competing social networks out there beyond the US limits that I can think of just Baidu and VK?

I know New Zealand is not the only country looking at taxing revenue turnover as France and the UK have both brought the matter up. The Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, husband to Louise Linton for celebrity watchers out there, has generally not had nice words to say about such proposals. This, I think, is going to be a major yet unacknowledged friction point before we hit the 2020 presidential election. Time will tell how this plays out.

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Shock and Awe

The concept of "free speech" is a bit of a problem these days. Technology has outpaced law in the matter. When you need not necessarily worry about governments silencing you but rather multinational corporations accountable to their shareholders that changes matters. American jurisprudence has tangled with the concept of "limited public fora" being operated by private parties in the context of its free speech law. Unfortunately that body of law is uniquely confined to the United States of America and applies effectively nowhere else.

Philosophical collision is inevitable in today's global marketplace of ideas. When the dominant technology companies that make up the limited public fora of the contemporary Internet are mostly based in the United States there is certainly going to be a clash in ideals. It can prove rather easily that people can be rather divided and that, no, not all cultures happen to be fundamentally the same.

Recently there was an unfortunate event in New Zealand. The fallout from the event has proven interesting from a research perspective. Crackdowns on not just Internet sites but also television broadcasters occurred. I must declare an interest as a foreign shareholder in Sky NZ and also note that in the next available proxy vote I intend to express my displeasure at its recent actions. Action was swiftly taken to insulate the populace there from being exposed in any way to the footage shot by the gunman when he attacked the Mosque. A concerted effort was made and continues to be made to blot out an unfortunate part of the historical record.

Bad things do happen in this world. In contrast to terror attacks elsewhere across the planet, the response in New Zealand has seemed strange. Americans have never needed to be shielded from footage of the events of September 11, 2001. The British aren't shielded from footage of the events of July 7, 2005. The events at a synagogue in Pittsburgh last year didn't fade away either.

My shock and lack of comprehension possibly comes from the human suffering I face every day at work. If we're trying to build a utopia on this planet we're definitely not succeeding. Technocrats are not leading the way on that front if my daily case load is any indication of the individual misery, misunderstanding, frustration, and consternation out there. Hearing an errant member of the US Congress asking Facebook representatives for explanations of why it didn't stop the livestream in question before it got too far underway just leaves me in awe of where we stand as a civilization.

Technology is a tool used for good or evil. The default state of this world is evil. We've been in such a prolonged state of peace and good that our detours back to bad times feel ever-more jarring.

More technology isn't going to necessarily save the day. No algorithm will necessarily know what lurks in the depths of a human heart. I know I've come off lately to other people as rather cruel and fitting the stereotype of Yankee Gun Nut. All I can say is that the attempted social change over the past several years is finally hitting some friction points and showing how divided human beings are.

This too shall pass. I probably need to go back to reading more about ed(1) and how to master it.

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New Zotero Log Dump

A new listing of items captured to Zotero. I do a bad job backing up the full file to

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Middle of March Meandering

In no particular order:

  • I finally got the Trade Name Registration certificate notification from the Ohio Secretary of State as well as the EIN issuance from the Internal Revenue Service today. Later on this week I need to go open a business bank account. Erie Looking Productions will need to grow and my current "day job" looks increasingly like it is in a bad position.

    • If people think the current chaos in the House of Commons at Westminster is bad, the federal government in the USA is set for yet another budget crisis plus a debt crisis in September. It is time to exit the insanity.

    • A "story treatment" was given to somebody to make a storyboard. Getting shown at the Dam Short Film Festival would be nice. F/LOSS tools would be used for production.

      • Eventually I intend to try Ubuntu Server installations to the three idle Raspberry Pi 3B+ boards. The ultimate goal there is for being able to offload video transcoding.

      • A subject matter has been selected that could easily be presented at somewhere like LibrePlanet or CCC. Until I leave my current job, I can't go to those events. Trying to inject awareness of certain networking-related matters into the mainstream is what I'm limited to at this time.

    • The definition on file is "Media Arts Production". That doesn't limit me to making podcasts and other digital works. Making print materials in LaTeX is something I keep trying to increase my proficiency with.

  • The HDHomeRun receivers are still operating in the hazardous environment of the detached garage. This is good. Eventually a PVR computer will be mated up outside.

  • Radio reception has been horrible. Then again, sunspots are kinda missing too. Any SDR efforts are going to have to wait. I really want to get WEFAX reception up, if possible.

  • Is it time for me to set up a MediaGoblin instance?

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Today's Zotero Log Dump

These are recent examples of items captured to my Zotero database of things that have caught my attention for reading.

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“We need help”: Anger mounts as Venezuela’s worst-ever blackout enters day 4. (2019, March 10). Retrieved March 10, 2019, from
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