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Middle of March Meandering

In no particular order:

  • I finally got the Trade Name Registration certificate notification from the Ohio Secretary of State as well as the EIN issuance from the Internal Revenue Service today. Later on this week I need to go open a business bank account. Erie Looking Productions will need to grow and my current "day job" looks increasingly like it is in a bad position.

    • If people think the current chaos in the House of Commons at Westminster is bad, the federal government in the USA is set for yet another budget crisis plus a debt crisis in September. It is time to exit the insanity.

    • A "story treatment" was given to somebody to make a storyboard. Getting shown at the Dam Short Film Festival would be nice. F/LOSS tools would be used for production.

      • Eventually I intend to try Ubuntu Server installations to the three idle Raspberry Pi 3B+ boards. The ultimate goal there is for being able to offload video transcoding.

      • A subject matter has been selected that could easily be presented at somewhere like LibrePlanet or CCC. Until I leave my current job, I can't go to those events. Trying to inject awareness of certain networking-related matters into the mainstream is what I'm limited to at this time.

    • The definition on file is "Media Arts Production". That doesn't limit me to making podcasts and other digital works. Making print materials in LaTeX is something I keep trying to increase my proficiency with.

  • The HDHomeRun receivers are still operating in the hazardous environment of the detached garage. This is good. Eventually a PVR computer will be mated up outside.

  • Radio reception has been horrible. Then again, sunspots are kinda missing too. Any SDR efforts are going to have to wait. I really want to get WEFAX reception up, if possible.

  • Is it time for me to set up a MediaGoblin instance?

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Today's Zotero Log Dump

These are recent examples of items captured to my Zotero database of things that have caught my attention for reading.

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One of the big things that ends up bothering me is that we lack the capability to do great things. There was apparently a documentary this weekend about Apollo 11 in very limited distribution. If I had known about it, I would have sought one of the four hundred screens it was shown on.

Going to the moon, showing bravery, conquering frontiers and the like are matters traditionally associated with greatness. Ensuring healthcare benefits comes off as something merely bureaucratic. Which one takes more effort? Which one has the longer term pay off?

I want to reach for the stars. Currently there is no way I could ever join the Astronaut Corps. I want things to move forward in my lifetime to where I don't have to train as hard as John Glenn to get to the Moon or beyond. It is time to move beyond science fiction to science fact.

Far too much of the basic science is already done. The will to act is missing. In trying to create a comfortable life on Earth, are we creating a comfortable cocoon to fade away in? Having health care under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as amended is not a major accomplishment in my life. Being able to live and even more importantly dream is far more important.

That is perhaps why I don't fit correctly.

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Wonderful Ironies

This will be added to the blog file. It may be a while until it actually gets to the server, though. Sometimes household infrastructure can defeat me.

The cable modem in the house is dead. Yes, the equipment we lease from Charter Spectrum is not functional after I pushed the WPS button for the first time to try to hook up a separate piece of recalcitrant equipment. I'm frankly baffled by this.

What sticks in my craw is that there won't be a technician available until Monday. Since I have to travel to Cleveland on Monday on very important business, I have to postpone the technician's visit to that afternoon based upon their available times. This does not amuse me.

HughesNet is an insanely expensive option. Then again, I would be getting equivalent throughput! I cannot justify the cost right now to pay more than half of my monthly mortgage payment for such satellite Internet service. There are no competing providers in the community as local DSL provider Windstream has trundled off to bankruptcy seeking a major restructuring of its business. There are no "Wireless ISP" vendors in the area and the closest Internet Exchange Point is roughly 80 miles away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The amount of expensive backhaul that that would require would make going into business with my own WISP an impractical proposition. As you might expect, I review that option every so often.

I still have a sermon to write. Fortunately the working printer in the house can still be addressed by USB cable. Fortunately I use LaTeX2e in a local software installation rather than relying on something cloud-based. Fortunately I have lots and lots of actual books on-hand. I can survive this.

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Things Being Read

These are recent examples of items captured to my Zotero database of things that have caught my attention for reading.

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