A Cease Fire Was Called

For the moment there has been a cease fire called in the budget impasse between the US President and the US Congress. A report in the Washington Post indicates that my employer took some operational damage from this. If neogitations over the next three weeks are not successful we'll be back in a bad situation yet again. There are no indications of any breakthroughs yet.

I do want to thank every packager out there who makes Ubuntu happen. For as horribly as our computers operate at work it would be great if we could switch them to Ubuntu. Unfortunately it looks like I would get RHEL if I dared ask to move to having Linux but, then again, I'm not in IT procurement but front-line customer service to America's taxpayers.

Erie Looking Productions is picking up a little as we finally got at least one inquiry. If we get enough inquiries, I might end up financially comfortable enough to walk away from the current job. I've been doing odd efforts buying T-Bills, T-Notes, and even picking up oddball stocks just to ensure I have a cushion of "unearned income" coming in. The term "unearned income" is a term of art from work, of course, relating to money received like royalty payments, interest payments, investment income, etc.

And in case you were wondering, I was one of the people who got called back to work without pay. Eventually I'll see a back pay check. The biggest worry on the staff is that we'll be back in this situation again by February 15th when the cease fire is over. We're not necessarily pessimists but rather have seen this movie play out similarly before.

The good news in all of this is that I finally converted one of my bzr repositories on Launchpad over to a git repository. The bzr repository started complaining about how big all the blobs were inside it. You can see the outcome here: https://code.launchpad.net/~skellat/+git/pelican-large/.