Early June Update

In no particular order:

  • The world hasn't ended yet. The summit hasn't started between my CEO at work and the North Korean leader, either.
  • I set up a Gogs instance at http://git.erielookingproductions.info with help from the gogsgit snap. The next step is to figure out setting up HTTPS on it. Yes, Alan, there is a firewall.
  • Updated the LaTeX doc that serve as "my website" over at http://erielookingproductions.info.
  • Somehow I still have a job. The internal dashboards are extremely scary-looking. I haven't heard back on any outside applications. The profile at LinkedIn has probably every little detail I can stuff in it.
  • I'm still using LaTeX to layout the worship booklets for the church's mission activity at the local nursing home. Consider how graphics-heavy it is with all the scans from the hymnals, LaTeX actually makes it pretty easy compared to fussy with MS Word let alone LibreOffice Writer. Granted, I end up producing PDF files that range around 25-35 megabytes each fortnight but we get usable materials. So far it has worked for over a year as I've tightened up the workflow and have become more adept at using LaTeX routinely in a humanities role.
  • Work has me stuck at "week to week" life to where I don't know if I even have a work schedule for the next week. That makes planning a bit rough. OggCamp 18 is on my mind as I try to figure out what the barely-communicated needs of the enterprise are compared to my role in meeting them. To use a sad expression, barely anybody is singing from the same hymnal at work whether it is agency executives or first-line managers.
  • Eventually I will get a proper cord-cutting operation in place. Antennae are up. One receiver is in place. I need to get the personal video recorder up and going next.