Hold Until Relieved

Depending upon how you've heard from me, you've likely heard me state that I am on a lockout at work. The order that was given was "Hold, Until Relieved". I won't recap the silliness of all the political debate and coverage but you can find that online if you really need it.

There was a bit of a misfire on Friday. The departmental offices did not sign off on a reconstitution plan for the bureau. Some recall orders went out that had to be rescinded. As you might imagine, it is a bit of a mess.

I remain on four hour recall combined with so-called "liberal leave*. Currently I am working on building some Raspberry Pi projects and trying to wrap my home around the notion of implementing a transcode cloud using some Raspberry Pi 3B+ units. Eventually I can use the three 3B+ Pi units set aside to build this up for further advancement of work.

The work of Erie Looking Productions still needs to advance.