Memorial Day Weekend 2018

What is new in Ashtabula?


  • Ripped out the packaged TeX Live 2017 and installed a vanilla Tex Live 2018 on my Xubuntu 18.04 system
  • Left documentation of my vanilla TeX Live 2018 integration effort at
  • Updated the main website at and realized that there probably are no GDPR implications for a static site since it does not collect anything and I am the only one with anything to delete


  • The job continues although the CEO has issued orders about accelerating firings
  • Our mainframe computer system collapsed entirely on April 17th and we risk another collapse
  • A possible Reduction-In-Force looms

F/LOSS Participation

  • Still on hold due to the vagaries of my job plus the utter unpredictability of the CEO at work
  • I keep hitting renew on Xubuntu Documentation even though I haven't submitted anything in a while
  • Eventually I will be back but I have things to resolve with the crazy job

Coming Events

  • Atlantic Hurricane Season apparently started early with Subtropical Storm Alberto
  • I will be leading activities at a local nursing home to recognize Memorial Day on Monday
  • RiffTrax Live: Space Mutiny is coming up in mid-June and I may go see that
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I've been fiddling with having a droplet on Digital Ocean. The droplet isn't doing anything complicated that requires me to use JuJu yet. My website at is not fully polished and the content is static. My static site generator is, oddly enough, LaTeXML. The upstream homepage at NIST provides a great rundown on the tool. I can't use every little bit of LaTeX but it lets me do things pandoc won't do.

And yes, there is a downloadable PDF there too.

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