Coming Events 20160402

I will apparently be in the pulpit speaking as the duty backup on April 3rd at West Avenue Church of Christ. Texts, as derived from Revised Common Lectionary, will be John 20:19-31 and Acts 5:27-32. I don't know if anything will be archived anywhere yet. I am scrambling somewhat to get something prepared. Normally there would be overhead graphics on Sunday morning controlled with wireless keyboards and the like.

No tech prep means no throwing tech together at the last minute. Instead we'll be going with prepared handouts as if I'm speaking in the woods again. Tools for use in preparing for tomorrow include:

  • LibreOffice
  • Evince
  • Firefox
  • PDF-Shuffler

Some day I may get fancy and prepare things in LaTeX. This is not that day. I do eventually want to start building documents in LaTeX, though.

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So, where do I start? There seems to be plenty to say.

I've basically had to take a back seat to the LTS cycle this time. No contributions to Xubuntu have been made by me. While I've made limited contributions through backports work to keep pumpa and dianara as the federation evolves, I've basically been MIA.

Sadly, there's been a good reason. Back in November I got hit with paperwork for a background check. This was a tremendous lump of paperwork that took a few days to complete. One of the areas of concern in the paperwork happened to be "foreign contacts" that might be influences upon me.

Unfortunately this paperwork wanted me to go into detail about any non-US person I ever e-mailed more than casually. As you might imagine, within the Ubuntu realms that could be a tremendous list. If you add in IRC interactions, it can get messy trying to figure out who are US persons and who are not US persons. I did my best to comply with the paperwork demanded and fill it out. I'm also trying to ensure that I don't cause amendments to be required for the paperwork where I might have to expand the write-up already submitted any further.

That paperwork remains stuck in processing. It has been in processing since the end of November. It may not even be out of processing before Xenial Xerus releases. The perpetual backlog of this paperwork continues so there is no estimated time for completion of the process. I won't have a determination of "suitable" or not for an unknown amount of time.

Between that process and the combination of not just my work hours but the commuting time, my waking hours have been devoted to the work of my employer. We have been striving for victory in providing an extremely high level of service. We're providing that level of service but at an increasing cost in human capital that we're burning up way too quickly. Attrition is increasing while we are still having to hit the desired metrics hard.

If anybody wants to do a metaphorical jailbreak to help me get out of these difficult roles into something simpler in the F/LOSS world, a LinkedIn profile exists that tells a bit of a story. Then again, you have to consider I'm still watching e-mail lists in the Ubuntu realms even if I'm not saying much. One certain message about documentation writing efforts certainly caught my eye recently as I read through the digests on the commuter bus. I would be readily available soon enough if we don't calm the flow at work in due time.

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