And Another Thing

My Zotero database has some unfortunate comparisons and contrasts in it. For example:

Crowe, J. (2018, September 21). Google Employees Considered Changing Search Algorithm to Fight Travel Ban. Retrieved September 22, 2018, from

Not the happiest of news that, apparently, President Donald John Trump isn't totally unjustified in his paranoia. The blackbox that is search at Google can potentially be tampered with. Without any understanding of what goes on inside Google's "black box" system, there isn't really much to assuage President Trump's fears.

That this sort of a possibility could come up in 2018 should not be surprising. After all, here are some further citations from my Zotero database:

Kellat, S. M. (2006). Intellectual Terrorism and the Church: The Case of the Google Bomb. Conference paper. Retrieved from

Kellat, S. M. (2007). Print-Based Culture Meets An “Amazoogle” World: New Challenges To A Priesthood of Readers. Conference paper. Retrieved from

I suppose I merely wrote about the matter initially in terms of malicious external actors twelve years ago. The idea of internal malicious actors came up eleven years ago in my writing. After that I began following the various color uprisings and the like but forgot to keep writing. I used to be a working academic but for some reason detoured into being a tax collector these days after spending time as a podcaster.

There seems to be low-hanging fruit to pursue again in research about this digital life.

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Saying Something Suitable in September

I almost had a decent alliteration going there.

September has not been that great of a month. I have spent the past two weeks off on medical leave. This hasn't been a vacation of any sort. I've been a science experiment for one of the medical specialists who takes care of me. Unfortunately the experiment failed. The dizziness lately has been unsettling as has the borderline vertigo. Eventually we will get the transition in treatment nailed down.


Local job possibilities remain not so great. Staying in the current one keeps looking like a bad idea. Putting off the just-attempted treatment changes for as many months as I did due to the poor progress of business did me no favors.

So far the folks in the Ubuntu Podcast Chatter group have seen bits and pieces stating that I have been fussing over a Mythbuntu installation. It has been rough. I have two aerials in place connected to HDHomeRun Duo boxes. There is some reception of local stations. The problem with this is that I've had to put the antennae in the garage. When you understand that my part of northeast Ohio is essentially life in the deciduous forest, you'll also understand that the main Directv dish also is mounted on the garage as it had the only vantage point with a clear shot to the satellite(s). Eventually I will make further progress.

This month is one of transitions all around. While a treatment transition did not go well, we at least moved from summer to autumn. Work will hit a transition point as we come up on the end of the fiscal year. Hopefully that goes well too.

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