Hold Until Relieved

Depending upon how you've heard from me, you've likely heard me state that I am on a lockout at work. The order that was given was "Hold, Until Relieved". I won't recap the silliness of all the political debate and coverage but you can find that online if you really need it.

There was a bit of a misfire on Friday. The departmental offices did not sign off on a reconstitution plan for the bureau. Some recall orders went out that had to be rescinded. As you might imagine, it is a bit of a mess.

I remain on four hour recall combined with so-called "liberal leave*. Currently I am working on building some Raspberry Pi projects and trying to wrap my home around the notion of implementing a transcode cloud using some Raspberry Pi 3B+ units. Eventually I can use the three 3B+ Pi units set aside to build this up for further advancement of work.

The work of Erie Looking Productions still needs to advance.

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How I Did It

Previously I mentioned the current odd state of my day job as well as measures being taken to mitigate that. It has been quite a hectic time at home. Unexpected disruptions have resulted in needed changes rather quickly. If you follow me on at least one social media network, you probably saw a slide that was created in Beamer posted.

Beamer slide originally posted to Instagram and Facebook

I spent some time hurriedly updating the Erie Looking Productions website to move it from being somewhat of a personal website back to being business-oriented. The original base to the site is maintained in LaTeX. The resulting HTML is produced using LaTeXML. Their normal website is quite offline due to The Current Unpleasantness so the details in tracker.debian.org may be quite useful right now too.

Visual representation of the erielookingproductions.info homepage rendered using wkhtmltoimage

This might seem strange as to why I might use LaTeX. It is, after all, more rooted in design for print. The key comes with the attachfile package from CTAN that LaTeXML supports. Just as I can use that to make attachments in the PDF of other PDF files, I can use that to structure the resulting site with other files to go look at.

Portion of the printed rendition of the page produced by pdfLaTeX converted to SVG via PDF2SVG then cropped and exported to JPEG using GIMP

The output rendered is actually rather nicely organized and fairly compact. My site does not require much interactivity at this time. If people need to contact me, they'll need to use e-mail. I'm not maintaining a huge CRM database on a remote server. This is a small Digital Ocean droplet. Black text on a white background works in this case as there are links to two work examples plus to the stash of multimedia on the Internet Archive.

Every tool used is in the package archive. I didn't even get fancy enough to use a snap for this. LaTeX actually gives me the flexibility to logically lay everything out in a way that makes sense not just in print but also online. Thankfully the nice folks at NIST came up with that great package.

If you have a static site, what was your construction process?

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