Mid-Way Check to December

In no particular order:

  1. Work is a bit messy right now. Attrition is way up in terms of human capital. Am I one of the ones with not so great sense in that I haven't abandoned ship yet?
  2. New restrictions at work keep my hands idle with respect to too much of Ubuntu. I'm not liking this.
  3. Finished off another semester in the Emergency Management and Planning Administration program at Lakeland Community College. I'm waffling on scheduling classes to take for the next semester. Choices available for classes include: Emergency Operations Center Management and Operation, Hazardous Materials Operations and Command, Disaster Response and Recovery. Part of the waffling is due to new initiatives at work for doing rather quite more with less than we had due to attrition worsening.
  4. The Podcast of Power has seemingly made a brief return but I can only hope that the bot's master can be persuaded to keep episodes up. You can also follow the manic little bot on Twitter and the pump.io federation.
  5. A rather small mast was raised for the KC8BFI shack. Some VHF coverage is now in place but proper HF coverage is lacking.
  6. Eventually I intend to take the Instructables write-up on making a Wireless Access Point file server with a Raspberry Pi and modify it a bit. I have some cross-over cable so I can set up one RPi as the access point and yoke another one to it as the worker on what will be a closed network. I may end up using certain GNU software to work with what is essentially a software-defined radio concept. I'm at a unique cross-roads where stations like CKLW, KDKA, CFCO, WJR, WCBS, WRVA, and CFZM are audible. Shifting towards actually recording content over air is an idea I still want to look at.
  7. I eventually also need to look at getting FTA reception of France24 via the Galaxy 23 satellite.

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Boy Is It Ever Monday...

Backport Work

Currently there is a new version of Dianara that Mònica Ramírez Arceda got uploaded to Debian. It made the transition from Unstable to Testing on November 12, 2015. In keeping with normal practice in working with the Debian Maintainer as well as the upstream author I've done the usual testing on my end and filed the backporting bug LP #1516123 for the backports team to poke and prod my testing to see if we can update things. This proposed backporting the version currently in the release pocket for Xenial Xerus to 15.10, 15.04, and 14.04. No, there is no retconning of Dianara into 12.04. This was uploaded by Micah Gersten of the backports team while I was writing this blog post and should eventually show up once the archive copies it to the necessary places.

Why Bother?

In working with the upstream author, the goal is to keep the new features available in supported versions of the flavours of Ubuntu. Dianara serves as one of many clients to the pump.io social federation. Identica never went away but was part of a fundamental architectural shift that brings us the pump.io federation. Many servers make up this social federation. If you are so inclined, there is even a client implemented in emacs.

With all the new features that have been developed in the new architecture provided by pump.io, it makes sense to backport the new versions of Dianara to supported versions of Ubuntu. Backports are enabled by default normally so the goal is to not have people fooling around with PPAs unless truly necessary. Granted a PPA was used to build the testing versions of dianara for this backport request but there are many other things in that specific PPA that may potentially make your computer go crunch, bang, kaboom unless you pin packages. I hope I put up enough caution tape around it.

It should be noted that this is a case of Mint not exactly duplicating Ubuntu as they do not pick up any of the backports that have been done of Dianara here.

Isn't This Just Identica?

The developer of Dianara has an entire post publicly visible on part of the pump.io federation explaining what has changed in making the world so much bigger. Just remember that though Identica itself is closed to new registrations and is home base to old-timers who made an architectural jump, there are more servers out there in the federation to use. Hosting your own is possible, too.

Why Should I Care?

There actually is a getting started guide. Unlike the radical changes being introduced by Twitter lately, this is an attempt to see what can be done to build an architecture for all. There is some standards work in the background which may result in interoperation with MediaGoblin too.

If you haven't checked out the pump.io federation, check out the guide above and give it a try. You'll find plenty of discussion and the guide gives recommendations on people to follow. It certainly isn't Twitter. For many it is a different path to walk...and that's okay.

When Do I Get Back On Cadence?

When I find a job that is not as madcap as the current one. I really don't work for nice people. You could send a dollar via PayPal but unless I get some fundamentals shifted around I'll still be working for the not so nice people for a while longer.

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