Wrapping Up The Week

In no particular order:

  • I've spent time visiting too many different medical facilities
  • The news has been weird
  • I finally conquered a USB enumeration problem on a household machine by sacrificing hardware meant for something else
  • I'm feeling my age and not liking being a childless bachelor
  • The return to work is getting a bit more complicated

And from the Twitter echo chamber:

Picture of a tweet found at https://twitter.com/baseballcrank/status/647968226702401536

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Starting Off The Week...


It seems that Identica is down again. These days Identica is the server closed to new sign-ups within the federated pump.io network. There are several other servers such as microca.st within the network that exist.

There are some systemic issues occurring right now. Eventually the code base may be opening up in terms of control. I vaguely remember somebody trying to package everybody dependency for Debian but I don't think it is ready yet.

Clients like pumpa and dianara are great for accessing the network in lieu of the web interface. In fact, the web interface needs to be regarded as merely just another client. The engine core to pump.io works well but needs some updating. The web interface is being worked on. I'm partial to thosee two clients and help with backports Ubuntu-side though quite a number actually exist.

UPS Failure

Well, we have a few things down at the moment. Initially I couldn't pick out what the high-pitched whine was. Apparently the battery on the UPS died. I'm down on the ability to power the BeagleBoard-xM and the Raspberry Pi 2.

The original Raspberry Pi is still up. It is functioning. My ZNC bouncer is gone for the time being until I can figure out why I cannot get the version in Raspbian Wheezy to work right. Materiel donations via this configured Amazon wishlist are graciously accepted in this time of cutbacks and continuing equipment failures. Anything received is gratefully appreciated with a cheerful heart in uncertain economic times especially while on "non-pay status" a.k.a "furlough".

Clipart of a UPS from https://openclipart.org/detail/168686/ups

In Other Words...

  • Studies continue with Lakeland Community College
  • Whether or not I can travel to OggCamp will play out in the Congress on September 30th (around 11:59:59 PM local time) in my nation's capital if not otherwise resolved sooner
  • Other things remain in play
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