Nobody Can Help If You Don't Tell Them You Need Help

The Hatch Act, such as it is, makes it difficult for me to say much about politics under disability of being a federal civil servant in the United States. I can say that recent political wrangling at the federal level has resulted in many co-workers talking about running away from the current posts to seek duty stations abroad or private sector work abroad. Regardless of their political affiliation, many mandarins are not exactly looking forward to what is to come based upon the current political news.

For a while there has been development of an "Abandon Ship!" plan. Prior versions of this included myself and more than few co-workers seeking to leave the federal civil service. Time has passed and some people managed to carry out their parts of the plan on their own by moving onward and upward.

With some of the lunatic things being tossed about today concerning the death of former US President John F. Kennedy piled on top of other madness over the past eight months, I've come to the point of having to accelerate the single-person version of the "Abandon Ship!" plan. I've written and conducted research in information science and information policy. After putting together a two year program of work, I think it is time to return to that instead of helping move the federal bureaucracy forward.

A fundraising effort via Indiegogo's "Generosity" platform has been set up. Considering the cost for two years of operations, the need to lease office space and pay for the overhead of that since municipal laws say I cannot work from home, regulatory compliance costs such as taxes, and hardware acquisition it isn't really a lot of money. I would not be a rich man from this.

What's the Ubuntu angle? For fans of The Big Bang Theory, they might remember the episode in which Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon try to patent an invention. Howard gets shot down as he is a federal civil servant from NASA on a loan back arrangement to the school so the government owns his intellectual property developed or thought of while on-duty. Simply avoiding my massive commute to and from my "Post of Duty" would leave me more time to make contributions before even getting to who controls my IP output.

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Coming Events 20160402

I will apparently be in the pulpit speaking as the duty backup on April 3rd at West Avenue Church of Christ. Texts, as derived from Revised Common Lectionary, will be John 20:19-31 and Acts 5:27-32. I don't know if anything will be archived anywhere yet. I am scrambling somewhat to get something prepared. Normally there would be overhead graphics on Sunday morning controlled with wireless keyboards and the like.

No tech prep means no throwing tech together at the last minute. Instead we'll be going with prepared handouts as if I'm speaking in the woods again. Tools for use in preparing for tomorrow include:

  • LibreOffice
  • Evince
  • Firefox
  • PDF-Shuffler

Some day I may get fancy and prepare things in LaTeX. This is not that day. I do eventually want to start building documents in LaTeX, though.

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