On Staffing, Re-Staffing, and Jobs

It appears that Community Council re-staffing is underway. There seems to have even been a post to The Fridge about this:

Partial screen shot of The Fridge showing the announcement of Community Council re-staffing

I will do something a bit heterodox at this point. Normally people might seek support to lead the community. I come instead with a different message.

I shouldn't be nominated.

I have been wandering for a while due to the vagaries of my job. While it is a position working for my nation-state's government, it is not necessarily the most stable. The rule set I get to labor under is a bit onerous and full of threats of felony prosecution if you fail to meet standards.

I am currently "on furlough" which means my employing agency has run out of appropriated funds to keep me on the job in addition to many co-workers. We've been out since just before the end of August. We're also on short recall notice that if new appropriations are made or if money is re-programmed in the budget we could be brought back. The travel to and from work means that I am out of commission from 0500 local time until almost 1930 local time. The times when I am placed "on furlough" also do not match Ubuntu cadence at all.

The so-called ethics rules at work are also tightening. One need merely watch the news in the United States to see the current discourse over a former cabinet secretary operating her own private e-mail server. Now that work has adopted a rule that essentially states that even if something is not specifically prohibited you may still be punished later if deemed necessary by management...I get stuck in an interesting spot. That even this blog post might be potential for sanctions at work is how far things have gone.

I haven't left the community if I have seemed silent to you, the reader. I've merely been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Trying to find an "out" has been difficult. Some co-workers and I were looking at one time in setting up either a technical writing/documentation shop or something else to serve the F/LOSS communities but we could not figure out a way to make it financially viable so we could leave the current employer.

Choose well. If you're not an Ubuntu Member, why not? The biggest thing standing in the way of you becoming an Ubuntu Member is you if you don't even try. Remember, those with status as Ubuntu Member serve as the electorate for the upcoming Community Council ballot.

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