Saying Something in April 2018

A goal is to try to say something once per month that posts to Planet Ubuntu. That can be a hard thing to do. We've been through an extremely rough time at work. During this season we have had a number of unprecedented things happen including an interruption in appropriations (legal authority to spend money), retroactive changes to the tax laws in the middle of the filing season, and the mainframe itself flaming out in a gigantic crash (metaphorically speaking) on the last day of the filing season. Our contingency plans are well-exercised.

Being able to bang on (that is to say, percussively test) Bionic Beaver has been a blast. I haven't done ISO testing this round. Instead, I've been using my Xubuntu desktop daily watching things break and have been watching apport file bugs. Doing so makes me realize that, frankly, I am not normal in terms of installed packages or workflow. I have quite a bit of LaTeX installed due to church work. I have many ham radio-related things installed. Audio production and video production packages are installed too. Yes, sometimes I break down and even use LibreOffice. I don't have the whole package archive installed but I have a visible chunk of it in place as I use many things in many ways.

I fired up a droplet on Digital Ocean. My production website lives again in a very stripped-down form at The original is kept in LaTeX and the website is produced using LaTeXML which is available in the package archive. That site exhibits probably one of the lesser-trod paths in terms of creating a static web page.

Are we going to have a Carnivorous Camel? Is it a Cautious Cat? What is the new codename?

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Going Dark(er) For A Little While

My job keeps me pretty much tied up. I know I probably surprised some people with bugs showing up on Launchpad. I'm testing Bionic Beaver at home the hard way by using it day by day and watching things break as I try to use them. Sadly we are still using Windows For Warships at work since we are still not cleared to attempt to upgrade to Windows 10 safely. Our current enterprise network isn't handling its current load safely as it is now.

For most if not all mailing lists that I'm on, I'm going to be switching to digest mode by week's end. I've already got a backlog of podcasts that I haven't listened to. That means I'm already 3 episodes behind on the very fine Ubuntu Podcast let alone behind on The Archers Omnibus and RNZ -- Black Sheep. The events in Ambridge amuse me and show me that rural life in my part of the USA isn't that far separated from the UK version. Of course, I also live near an Amish colony so things are a bit skewed out here too.

Things may calm down after April 17th. This depends upon a very chaotic Commander-in-Chief not doing something chaotic that those of us in the civil service find unexpected, of course. Unanticipated civil disturbances could also be a factor. We shall see.

So, yes, I am still out there. To quote that line from The Prisoner: "Be Seeing You"

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