Active Searching

I generally am not trying to shoot for terse blog posts. That being said, my position at work is getting increasingly untenable since we're in a position of being physically unable to accomplish our mission goals prior to funding running out at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time on September 30th. Conflicting imperatives were set and frankly we're starting to hit the point that neither are getting accomplished regardless of how many warm bodies we're throwing at the problem. It isn't good either when my co-workers who have any military experience are sounding out KBR, Academi, and Perspecta.

I'm actively seeking new opportunities. In lieu of a fancy resume in LaTeX, I put forward the relevant details at I can handle LaTeX, though, as seen by the example here that has some copyright-restricted content stripped from it:

Ideas for things I could do:

  • Return to being a librarian
  • Work in an Emergency Operations Center (I am Incident Command System trained plus ran through the FEMA EOC basics training)
  • Work as a dispatcher (General class licensed ham radio operator)
  • Teach since I do "point of need" education now over the phone such as spending 30 minutes or more explaining to people how the "Estimated Tax Penalty" in the Internal Revenue Code works, for example
  • Work in a journalistic endeavor as I previously worked as a print news reporter and helmed an audio podcast for 6 years
  • Help coordinate interactions between programmers and regulators (Would you want to be in the uncomfortable position Mr. Zuckerberg was in front of the US Congress without support?)

If your project/work/organization/endeavor/skunkworks is looking for a new team player I may prove a worthwhile addition. You more than likely could pay me more than my current employer does.

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Early June Update

In no particular order:

  • The world hasn't ended yet. The summit hasn't started between my CEO at work and the North Korean leader, either.
  • I set up a Gogs instance at with help from the gogsgit snap. The next step is to figure out setting up HTTPS on it. Yes, Alan, there is a firewall.
  • Updated the LaTeX doc that serve as "my website" over at
  • Somehow I still have a job. The internal dashboards are extremely scary-looking. I haven't heard back on any outside applications. The profile at LinkedIn has probably every little detail I can stuff in it.
  • I'm still using LaTeX to layout the worship booklets for the church's mission activity at the local nursing home. Consider how graphics-heavy it is with all the scans from the hymnals, LaTeX actually makes it pretty easy compared to fussy with MS Word let alone LibreOffice Writer. Granted, I end up producing PDF files that range around 25-35 megabytes each fortnight but we get usable materials. So far it has worked for over a year as I've tightened up the workflow and have become more adept at using LaTeX routinely in a humanities role.
  • Work has me stuck at "week to week" life to where I don't know if I even have a work schedule for the next week. That makes planning a bit rough. OggCamp 18 is on my mind as I try to figure out what the barely-communicated needs of the enterprise are compared to my role in meeting them. To use a sad expression, barely anybody is singing from the same hymnal at work whether it is agency executives or first-line managers.
  • Eventually I will get a proper cord-cutting operation in place. Antennae are up. One receiver is in place. I need to get the personal video recorder up and going next.
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