Late Post For Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day 2017

I am a wee bit late in posting for Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day yet again.

There has been a bit of busyness. Even though I have been on layoff from my paid job as a civil servant for the United States Government, I have been active in church affairs. With a number of church leaders absent this past Sunday I had to cover a few things. That leads to me being thankful for much in the Ubuntu world.

I am thankful to Martin Wimpress and crew for having Ubuntu MATE available for Raspberry Pi. I run it on my RPi2. A screenshot duplicated from the MATE site:

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 on Raspberry Pi
Ubuntu MATE 16.04 on Raspberry Pi

You can get more details about that great software here.

I am also very thankful for LaTeX2e and Tex Live. It has been a great thing to have to prepare devotional materials for church. I am thankful for the MOTU folks maintaining Gummi which is the editor I use on Xubuntu. Xubuntu is what I run on my laptop that goes many places with me. Tex Live is run both on the laptop and on the Raspberry Pi 2 at home.

I am thankful to Alan Pope for helping to shepherd folks building snaps. Alan also has a wonderful website dedicated to an encounter with AI gone awry. I commend the viewing of that site to everybody possible.

I am thankful for Colin Watson keeping Launchpad alive. I may be one of the few using bzr but that’s where the source to this blog lives.

And last, I am thankful to folks running LibraryThing as they help me keep track of the books I own. They gave me a subject breakdown here:

An embedded graphic you might not see
An embedded graphic you might not see

Have a great day!

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