Memorial Day Weekend 2018

What is new in Ashtabula?


  • Ripped out the packaged TeX Live 2017 and installed a vanilla Tex Live 2018 on my Xubuntu 18.04 system
  • Left documentation of my vanilla TeX Live 2018 integration effort at
  • Updated the main website at and realized that there probably are no GDPR implications for a static site since it does not collect anything and I am the only one with anything to delete


  • The job continues although the CEO has issued orders about accelerating firings
  • Our mainframe computer system collapsed entirely on April 17th and we risk another collapse
  • A possible Reduction-In-Force looms

F/LOSS Participation

  • Still on hold due to the vagaries of my job plus the utter unpredictability of the CEO at work
  • I keep hitting renew on Xubuntu Documentation even though I haven't submitted anything in a while
  • Eventually I will be back but I have things to resolve with the crazy job

Coming Events

  • Atlantic Hurricane Season apparently started early with Subtropical Storm Alberto
  • I will be leading activities at a local nursing home to recognize Memorial Day on Monday
  • RiffTrax Live: Space Mutiny is coming up in mid-June and I may go see that