Social Media Presences Terminated So Far Today

Some people have been wondering where I've been online. In conformance to some "employee protection" orders at work, I've had to begin terminating various & sundry bits of online presence. These sorts of orders are such that I do eventually have to obey them.

My Twitter account is gone. I currently have no active presence there.

My Flickr account is gone. I currently have no active presence there.

My account on the Mastodon network via has been gone for some time. If you've been looking for me there that account isn't being restored any time soon.

My account on is as good as gone considering I can't even get a ping response back from that system. After all, this is what I get from attempting a ping:

 $ ping
 PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
 --- ping statistics ---
 811 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 829416ms

My account on Identica is locked in "Hotel California" mode and cannot be terminated by me at this time. That's probably a good thing. The network still exists, ya know.

Additionally, I've been getting tired of seeing things spill over on various social networks about how the current President of the United States (my 11th-line supervisor) is the embodiment of evil walking this planet. It is bad enough spending eight hours per day being paid by the federal government to hear that garbage while protecting the nation's financial interests. Coming home to hear that too is just a step too far. There just comes a point where I can't handle it anymore & have to cut something back.

This blog remains. I'm not going totally dark. Trying to be a light and to spread light is just not as easy as it sounds in this crazy world. Thankfully there is F/LOSS like the many flavours of Ubuntu to at least ensure that I don't have to include computer issues among my many worries right now. Worst comes to worst, you can give me a call on Telegram perhaps if you are so moved.